Vibrations and Wavelengths


“That’s how you know you love someone, I guess, when you can’t experience anything without wishing the other person were there to see it, too.”

—   The Descendants (via pythons)

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Blue Bubbles

Blue bubbles
Three bouncing dots
Like a patient tap of finger tips
Evil and corse
Nails filed to tip
Anorexic knuckles
Make it stop make it stop!
A waterboard in my living room
Tickle the wire, 1 second 2 seconds
…Release! And i read
Anesthesia amnesia
Sinatra strawberry field giggles
Tunnel vision, I respond
Blue bubbles
Three bouncing dots

Tunnel Vision

I haven’t written a poem in awhile
Please forgive me
Almighty pen, for I
Have found someone
(Sam Smith and Ocean and Bandits)
Red dash and strobes across
The landscape and my face
Sing, mirror, sing, mirror
Mirror, smile, mirror, smile
10 and 2 with no accuracy
12 and 12 with no accuracy
Smile and eyes like
World of Color and fireworks across the sky
And we enter the Blue Bayou missing both
Water, other drinks?
Bread, butter, allergies?
Chef, banter, hand across your inner thigh, then you visit the restroom
A look up - onyx facade
A look left - ripple across Earth’s edge
People, wood, fannies, imagination
There are
other things here?

“We are unusual and tragic and alive.”

—   Dave Eggers (via feellng)

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Perpetual Sunshine

Perpetual sunshine

I remember when it was only sometimes

That was back in the seventh grade

Now you got me eating oranges thinking clementine

Brave and a lion’s mane

Your voice but see me taking the blame

Now I got the game, making you scream my name

No dolls here, my imagination do the same, oh lord

I remember my CO telling me

It’s not the mistakes but what you do better

I remember thinking I can do better

Returned better, did better

Live better, be better

No pitter patter from all of this jibber jabber

Rain rain go away much of it didn’t matter

On my heart always on my mind

Never regret it, Lady

Every sunset’s followed by sunrise

Manifest Destiny

A whiskey tizzy
Manifest destiny on your body
No longer intricate politics
A brutal claim to what is mine
Make maps, plant a flag, build up
We play for the same team, Sweetheart
Did we win or lose?
There are no ties in this college life
For I proclaim we are the Hemingways and Plaths
Clintons and Lewinskys
What are gender roles?
Colors and plastic kitchenettes and an array of malicious sports
Pussies and cocks
Society shall be satisfied by the mess we have made

Our Museum

I followed your radiance
An independent wanderlust
Along the riverwalk
Dominant ahead you gait, lips mathematical
I am unneeded, attentive
Is anybody needed or wanted?
The golden hour, no photography please
Along your curves and sweet sweet smile
Dogs and geese
Geese and dogs
We sit for a talk
Coffee and tea
Tea and coffee
Extend the time with
A joke a question a look a memory
You are my wonderful spiral
Into tragedy and oblivion
Now, I am sorry my dear
I did not remember everything like i claim
But i felt everything
And for that
I thank you


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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The Empty Urn


Give me love or give me death

That’s what the young man said

With love comes death

That’s what his father pled

Verse 1:

Dad, don’t let your wisdom get to me

I need to feel and miss and shrivel out to sea

For myself in time I will learn

But without the experience I’ll be an empty urn

Verse 2:

Son, I don’t want to see you die in the middle of the night

The heart doesn’t last long waiting for the light

But since you’re like me you’ll be stubborn

Sometimes the beauty of lightning is worth the rumble of thunder


Give me love or give me death

That’s what the young man said

With love comes death

That’s what his father pled


I wrote this

Instead of studying for my exam tomorrow

- Procrastination -

My mind swells

With words and lyrics and false promise of salvation

Where the study memories are suppose to go.

How can I concentrate

When concentrate means diluted

And sometimes diluted is the right solution?

It’s better, I’ve been told, to be great

At one thing than mediocre

At many things so

Why try too hard for this exam

When I can perfect my trade

Of admiring your grace.